Radio and Billboards: The Power of Integrated Media

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You may be wondering what the best approach is your marketing efforts. Should you do billboards only? Radio only? Both? As common sense would have it, using the two mediums together as an integrated approach brings the best results, but why?

Radio and billboards share a complimentary relationship in their approach to advertising. The strengths of one compensate for the weaknesses of the other and vice versa. This synergy is what makes out of home advertising and radio advertising a uniquely powerful combination.


Radio shares some key similarities and differences with billboard advertising:


number 1    Radio appeals to the listener’s auditory sense.
As such, your message is interpreted and absorbed differently by the brain than if the message were purely visual in nature.

number 2     A person listening to the radio has the opportunity to change the station if they don’t want to listen.
This provides listeners with an “out” if they don’t want to hear your commercial. With billboards, your message cannot be ignored and because of the visual nature of billboards, your message is more likely to resonate with its viewers.

number 3     Radio has a longer window of advertisement to the listener, so more information can be conveyed.
With billboards, you only have a few seconds to share a simple message and a call to action.




number 1     Both mediums demonstrate similar ROI for ad spend with billboards edging out slightly higher than radio.

number 2     Both are very cost effective and large masses of people for just pennies.

number 3     Both media offer high levels of frequency of exposure.
Frequency is directly brand awareness causing consumers to remember your brand and products which will increase your business when the buying process begins.

Combining these two approaches immerses travelers and listeners alike in your message, influences buying decisions and grows brand awareness to new highs immediately and over time. If you’re currently running a billboard or radio campaign consider adding the other media to the buy as radio and billboards work hand-in-hand at exposing consumers to your brand and products.

Give Mollman Media a call to discuss why integrated media is the best approach that you, as an advertiser, can take to ensure that your message is both seen and heard by the right audiences.

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