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In some way, shape or form I have always been involved with the media business for as long as I can remember.  My grandfather was the General Manager of a very successful radio group and my extremely creative mother used her skills for copy writing and voice work and talent.  If I wasn’t helping the disc jockeys I would be getting in the way of installers of a local billboard company as they glued-up the signs for the day’s work.

In 2002 I struck out on my own with a small market radio station on the outskirts of Oklahoma City.  Because of my experience with how radio and billboards went hand-in-hand I was looking avenues to capture this unique relationship.  In January of 2006 we were very fortunate to acquire an underperforming region from a national billboard company.  Since then we have tripled our footprint with various sizes of billboards ranging from the smaller Jr Poster to the larger Bulletin.  With the exception of one location all our faces are static.

We literally have a lifetime of experience in the media industry.  Reach out to see how we can help you increase awareness of your brand and products through our media avenues of Billboards, Radio, Retargeting and Geo Fencing. whatup?

Billboard Advertising. Making your money work for you.

Billboards can help improve your business.

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Billboards can help you secure funding for programs.

Billboards can help improve your business image.

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