Why Billboard Advertising Works

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For decades billboards have been permanent fixtures on America’s highways, and for good reason: They work! What is it about billboards that makes them effective for building brand awareness and increasing revenue? The answer to this is simple:

number 1     Your billboard message cannot be ignored.

Billboards are a form of “interruption marketing” which means that they “interrupt” what your audience is doing at that moment to convey an important message. Unlike other mediums where people can tune out the message if they aren’t interested billboards guarantee people will see your message. Billboard advertising is cost effective and offers excellent ROI. Most billboards cost less than a penny per thousand people that see your ad. Other mediums simply cannot compare to this rate.

number 2     You have a high level of flexibility with billboard advertising.

Because we have a large inventory of locations in Oklahoma you have many options in choosing where and to which demographic you want to reach. We also have access to data about these locations and their markets to assist you in your decision making process of which location best fits your marketing strategy.

number 3     Billboards are permanent, impactful fixtures.

Every day as people commute to and from work, walk their dogs and ride their bikes, billboard messages stand out as part of the environment. Subconsciously, through frequency of visibility, billboards are creating more brand awareness and influencing buying decisions. The imagery and simplistic message used in combination with the static, highly-visible, permanent nature of billboards makes them very effective at communicating your message.

number 4     Quick rise in sales.

Because billboards are so effective at increasing brand awareness it is not surprising that many advertisers see a very quick rise in sales and phone calls as a result of their efforts.

Billboards have their place in any advertising campaign because they reach out to your market in different ways. As a time-tested medium, they have served businesses and advertisers well for decades and will continue to do so in the years to come.

Give Mollman Outdoor a call today and discuss how we can reinforce your marketing campaign with billboards.

Billboard Advertising. Making your money work for you.

Billboards can help improve your business.

number 2

Billboards can help you secure funding for programs.

Billboards can help improve your business image.

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